Woody Harrelson returns to hypnotize in 'Now You See Me 2'

 on Monday, June 6, 2016  

Participate in a sequel is always risky, and that seems to know well Woody Harrelson, a Hollywood star who is not usually given to these modalities, except for what he did in the recent saga of "The Hunger Games". But the interpreter acclaimed titles such as "Natural Born Killers" and "Zombieland" decided to break this implicit to resume the character of the hypnotist Merritt McKinney in "Now You See Me 2," which opens next week rule.

"I really enjoyed working with all the people with whom I worked on the first film, and although I was worried that this did not come out so well, I think it's even better because of the work of John M. Chu," said Harrelson to TODAY, thereby referring to the director of the new film, who replaces the first, Louis Leterrier. Of course, in this case, Harrelson not only takes up to Merritt, but gives life to an additional character: his (evil) twin brother Chase, an ally of the villains played by Michael Caine and the "newcomer" Daniel Radcliffe.

"At first, I was not sure it was a good idea to do something, but I'm glad I accepted because I had a great time doing Chase, which is serious," said the actor. "The first was to define the way it looks, which is very particular; else he arrived alone. " When asked if he charged twice for making two characters, the actor laughed. "Not at all; but you have given me a good idea for when you repeat something, "he said. "I have to think of a way to negotiate." In terms of the deal, the biggest news of "Now You See Me 2" is the output of Isla Fisher, who was pregnant at the time of shooting, and the entry of Lizzy Caplan, who plays a new team member magicians experts led by Danny Atlas theft, Jesse Eisenberg's character. "All we worship Island and we were sad not to return, but Lizzy came from the first minute and convinced us immediately," Harrelson said. "It's a strong, funny woman and knows how to make the right decisions. It was lovely to share a scene with her. " On the other hand, it is the addition of Radcliffe on paper still related to magic, but completely different from his iconic Harry Potter. "The casting was very good; Daniel managed to give life to a villain as scary as charming, and is a guy who works hard to give the best of themselves, "said the actor who talked to us. "I would not have accomplished all that has been achieved otherwise." The protagonists of this saga not steal without reason, but they do for social assistance, which was also attractive to our interviewee, who has been involved in various causes over time, linked at times to the protection of the environment and other practicing vegetarianism. "Many of us are seeking justice, and it's nice when this is achieved, even in the plane of fiction, as in this case," admitted Harrelson.

Speaking of justice, it is expected that he himself is not exactly happy with the recently announced refusal of the authorities of Hawaii to grant the license needed with the goal of opening his longed marijuana dispensary, a substance which is an avid supporter . "Of course I was upset the decision; were idiots for not choosing me, "said the interpreter without raising his voice. "But while I was relieved, because the simple application process was extremely complicated. If the very beginning so, I'd rather not get into that. " What this does not mean that is not eager to finally achieve a complete legalization of the herb in this country.

"People have always been tolerant [with it]; the problem has to do with the [federal] government, which decides what we can and can not do, although we are supposedly in a free country, "he said. "If you quit now elected a Democrat, it is likely to make things better, but we run a great risk if the opposite is true". Because of the seriousness of the electoral process that exists and its known Democratic affiliation, we could not help but ask if you would like to use for a moment the hypnotic abilities of his character to make those who want to vote for a certain pernicious candidate desist from doing so.

"I think that is already hypnotizing the masses is [Donald] Trump, because, otherwise, you can not understand that so many people support it," he replied with a laugh. "And yes very scary."
Woody Harrelson returns to hypnotize in 'Now You See Me 2' 4.5 5 murdani id Monday, June 6, 2016 Participate in a sequel is always risky, and that seems to know well Woody Harrelson, a Hollywood star who is not usually given to these mod...

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