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 on Saturday, June 11, 2016  

Priyanka Chopra earned a place on US television. UU. for her work on 'Quantico'. So not like Priyanka Chopra, many consider the new Indian revelation of Hollywood. The actress, who recently revealed in an interview her disgust at the title that identifies the entertainment press has had to learn to deal with an idea that she believes the stereotypes of race increases.

However, she can not control for their welfare is the attention she has received since appeared as the protagonist of Quantico series, in which she plays an FBI agent involved in a plot of betrayals, power and romance. It was not for less, since Chopra became the first Indian actress who managed to star in an American series that has just received the green light for a second season and also was welcomed by criticism.

"She brings a sincere to this convoluted story line centrifugal force," wrote Hank Stuever in the Washington Post about the experience of a young recruits FBI has to deal with the fact that one of her colleagues is responsible for an attack city ​​of New York. Her great success is that it mixes voltage closer to the thriller drama, but without losing emotion. A task would not be easy to have a shadow to Homeland (also about terrorism), but Quantico holds its own to escape comparisons and largely is the interpretation of Chopra as the enigmatic and sensual agent Alex Parrish giving identity production.

"The challenge was to break the idea that I am a beauty queen who became actress says, referring to her past when she won the Miss World (2000) - but the unusual thing is that for many it was impossible to believe that a model or queen could become a real actress. Fought the idea when I appeared in films and on television in India managed to break that stereotype and still do now, "Chopra told El Tiempo in a telephone interview. Two years after handing over her crown debuted in the Indian film Thamizhan: a drama about a lawyer who fights against her principles when she has to take justice into their own hands towards her family. Fame came and with it a job as a TV presenter, columnist for the magazine Elle; Unicef ​​ambassador and be the star of the Indian version of the film that was originally Disclosure starring Demi Moore. He even took time to work on a musical career.

One of their singles: In My City was used in the season Football Championship 2013. "I've always tried to move in many fields and experience in different artistic areas. It is true that reached fame in an industry, but had to try another and the United States was interesting, "he recalls. Now it is striking that their work is recognized worldwide and causes grace being compared to film divas because of its exotic beauty.

"Once they did with the Italian actress Sophia Loren . To me it means a great compliment, a compliment, but do not think that's true. Sophia Loren is a great woman and a great actress, and I take all this as something fun, "he adds. For now she says she is focused on the adventure of a new cycle of Quantico, but also adds that it has enjoyed shooting the film version of the Guardians series of the bay (Baywatch) with Alexandra Daddario, Zac Efron, Dwayne Johnson Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff.

"It's another great opportunity," it was all that ahead of this work in American cinema. "With the series have the challenge of working on that pace roller coaster of unexpected situations that Quantico offers" she says. Faced with Alex Parrish she says that is not the typical good agent who solves a case. "I'm not just an Indian actress triumphing in Hollywood, but a woman who represents a strong and independent character and that is largely what I like Parrish," concludes the actress, who recently said in an interview that no mind you replace the famous agent James Bond, Daniel Craig now she has left the paper.
Priyanka Chopra Film Blue Video 4.5 5 murdani id Saturday, June 11, 2016 Priyanka Chopra earned a place on US television. UU. for her work on 'Quantico'. So not like Priyanka Chopra, many consider the new...

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