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 on Friday, July 10, 2015  

Bahubali Movie Review

Bahubali Movie Review: While Movie Reviews wear the Movie’s theme on their sleeves,we will try not to disclose much of this epic movie Bahubali,as it is meant to be experienced at the theatres at first hand.
Several famed critics and celebrities tweeted their responses for Bahubali on Twitter pretty soon after the movie’s initial release.India’s popular Critic and Film Trade analyst Mr.Taran Adarsh expressed his gleeful verdict after witnessing SS Rajamouli’s Magnum Opus.In his own words,he tweeted,” #Bahubali is NOT TO BE MISSED. Today, you may call it a BOX-OFFICE BLOCKBUSTER. Tomorrow, it will be remembered as a CLASSIC.”Prabhas,best known for his major hit ‘Darling’,will now be noted for his new project Bahubali.Prabhas plays the dual roles of Amarendra Bahubali and Shivudu.
The Story starts out,depicting the royal kingdom of Mahismathi,over which Prabhas(as Amarendra Bahubali) holds sway and reigns supreme with his beloved Queen-Consort Devasena(played by Anushka Shetty),until Bhallala Deva(Rana) develops other self-centred ideas and leads Bahubali up the garden path,stands over his carcass and unfairly takes control over the kingdom.Devasena fearing the impending nightmare,flees the kingdom along with Bahubali’s son Shivudu.
Although she succeeds keeping Shivudu to the shadows,out of Bhallala Deva’s evil sight,she falls prey to Bhallala Deva and gets held prisoner.Shivudu(Prabhas,as a son) now being fostered beyond the Mahismathi kingdom grows up as a free-spirited,rebellious brat.In his attempts to explore new worlds and possibly his father’s own kingdom,which he has no knowledge of,runs into milky beauty Tamannah(as Avantika) during one of his random pursuits.Shivudu,then follows his new love-interest Avantika,right up to his obscure homeland Mahismathi,where people soon begin to find striking similarities between him and the forgotten,brutalised legend Bahubali.All of this renders Shivudu questioning his own existence and rides him topsy-turvy,thus inciting him to get to the bottom of this pandemonium and have the answers for all his Whys and Wherefores.As you can imagine,this causes Shivudu to cross paths with the architect of nightmarish childhood-Bhallaladeva.Shivudu becomes hell-bent on settling the score and getting even with Bhalladeva.What follows this,is meant to be seen on the silver screen.
FINAL WORD: What does the audience have to take away from Bahubali:The Beginning ? That is a simple question with no easy answers.It could appeal to people who have their fancies tickled by love stories with a delicate touch of sentiment and an emotional vibe to it.But,on the other hand,for a movie which was flacked as an answer to Hollywood Film ‘300’,Bahubali proves to be rather particular about eliciting tender emotions out of the audience,which shouldn’t come to us as a surprise,as SS Rajamouli,while delivers some ridiculously detailed action sequences choreographed by Peter Heins and blow-by-blow visuals,typically never compromises on the emotional content.This time around,SS Rajamouli’s ups the stakes with his stock-in-trade action-specialism combined with VFX technology.
But,if few sections of the audience are looking forward to quench their thirst and scratch their Bahubali-Induced itch,be prepared to not experience an Action-Only movie,there will be times (First Half of the movie),when Bahubali comes across as sluggish,but it soon shifts gears to some gory war scenes full of battlecries that are sure to charge you up and have you on the edge of your seat,just be careful not to fall off of it.Such Scenes are particularly concentrated around the last 40 minutes or so of the film.But,if Bahubali can really be compared to the Hollywood Film ‘300’,now is not the time.We probably have to wait for that chance until the second instalment of Bahubali comes out next year.The Climax of Bahubali planted a clever twist which inturn has laid the foundation for what will be a barbaric,ghastly storyline in the second part.
MISCELLANEOUS RATING: The Movie Ratings from several of prestigious newspapers and critics across India such as AP Herald,Hans India,Taran Adarsh,amounted to about 3.8/5 Stars.
LOOP 21’s RATING: Just when you feel the movie Bahubali is getting slow-paced,it delivers some gripping,blood-spewing action.Watching Prabhas manoeuvre the sword,and in this process,flex his biceps and triceps is a treat to the eyes.Bhallaladeva and Shivudu share a bitter past.When Bhallaladeva and Prabhas(as Shivudu) realise that this means war and chant their Battlecry,you won’t be able to help it and surely roar along with them.While the film has a lot of action and visuals crammed in every cranny,SS Rajamouli rubs a little too much sentiment on us.But,all-in-all,Bahubali has some serious action visuals to offer,something that an average Indian film could never put forth. We are going with 3.5/5 stars for Bahubali The Beginning.
We hope the second part of Bahubali provokes us to unhesitantly rate it a comprehensive5/5 stars.
Bahubali Movie Review & Ratings Prabhas, Rajamouli 4.5 5 murdani id Friday, July 10, 2015 Bahubali Movie Review : While Movie Reviews wear the Movie’s theme on their sleeves,we will try not to disclose much of this epic movie ...

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